Gregory bove exodusscene2d
Gregory bove exodusscene3d
Gregory bove exodusshippainting

An exodus ! A space opera scene inspired by my recent watching of battlestar galactica.

Consequently, The Earth is no longer habitable.

Finally, a major migration is currently happening…

The scene was the occasion to try to make a entire 3D scene in NukeX. You can see below, there is a lot of nodes but I tried to keep this well organized.

The models were downloaded (It’s ships from Eve Online if I’m remembering well) and I textured it quickly on Mari. The rest is made entirely in Nuke.

In order to make this project sexier, I’ve made a pseudo-trailer of a movie.

More artwork
Gregory bove maxresdefaultGregory bove maxresdefaultGregory bove maxresdefault