Cube appearance
Gregory bove cubeappear01
Gregory bove cubeappear02
Gregory bove cubeappear03
Gregory bove cubeappear04
Cube appearance

A long and scripted FX with as subject to make a cube appearance with cool effects (and in Unreal Engine 4)

The breakdown of this effect is as follows:

At the beginning we have a vortex, then a glowing sphere comes out of the ground. It exploses and a spinning cube (which levitates thanks to multiple sphere around it) appear on the air. Then suddently, it’s falling down and instantly breaks. Finally, it self-destructs in a pyrotechnic effect.

This scene and the one with the barrel in fire were made for a technical test. I made these only on 2 days.
All assets were provided for this scene.

More artwork
Gregory bove maze render