Eko and Logy
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Eko and Logy

Eko and Logy: this game was made for an European Project. Its main goal is to raise citizens’ awareness on the energy transition.
The idea was to make a sort of “Snake and Ladder” game. It has a board inspired by Mario Party games.
I’ve learned Unreal Engine and Blueprint coding just for this game.

I produce all games’ parts: from the idea / design to integration / coding and all graphics parts (3D, UI, FX, …).

This game takes place on an isolated island where a brother and his sister, Eko and Logy, live.
The construction of a new bridge will change their lives: they will be finally able to travel through various areas and learn more about their home’s climate.
During their journey, they will also get more familiar with adaptation and mitigation practices and more generally with the concept of sustainable development.

Help them to achieve their goal and disseminate all their new knowledge to the world.

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