Winter Glow
Gregory bove winterglow modelling
Gregory bove winterglow texturing
Gregory bove winterglow quixels
Gregory bove winterglow simulation
Gregory bove winterglow postprod
Gregory bove winterglow06
Winter Glow

What I see right here ? A winter glow !

Merry christmas and a Happy New Year !

In this video, even the Santa Claus catch a cold. But he’s still here for the party !

This project was, as you see, made for the end of year celebrations. The idea was to design a well decorated table, even if, first, it was just a test to make candle flame with the Houdini’s PyroFX.

All the models were made with Blender and the texture with Quixel. Finally I faked a 3D scene with Nuke, with multiple planes, in order to play with the parallax effect.

More artwork
Gregory bove maxresdefaultGregory bove maxresdefaultGregory bove maxresdefault