Burn House
Gregory bove cameramap
Gregory bove rbdsimulation
Gregory bove firesimulation
Gregory bove postprod
Burn House

I wandered one day in the Scotland Highlands and suddently I see an old and lost burn house !

I draw my camera and recorded it !

Or it’s was just a HoudiniFX exercise… I don’t remember :p

I used Houdini’s fracture and RBD dynamics to create the pieces falling down (even if it’s not really visible on the final result). The entiere project was made from a photography I found on the Internet.

Then, I used photomontage to erase the house from the photo and camera projection to texture my 3D house and have the same result as the original photo.

Finally, I used houdini PyroFx to set fire in da house !

More artwork
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