Natural warming
Gregory bove fireplacemodeling
Gregory bove fireplacesculpting
Gregory bove fireplacetexturing02
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Gregory bove fireplacemaya
Gregory bove fireplacesimulation
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Natural warming

Winter is coming ! We need a Natural Warming… what better way to live it near to our fireplace ?

Make a project for Houdini PyroFx training of course !

The first iteration of the project was only to modelling the fireplace I had in my house. I used Zbrush and Quixel to have a realistic result.

Then I wanted fire so I open my Houdini and played with the Pyro Fx solver.

Finally, to have a complete scene, I modelled a tiny room in order to have enough space to move my camera. (Spoiler) The portrait is Harry Houdini’s… you have it ?

More artwork
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